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WoY BG tree

World of Y  follows the comedy adventures of Y, a wacky and adventurous 6-year-old creature, as he tries to help his friend OU, the embodiment of Nature: big, powerful but fragile. As OU seems physically impacted by the same challenges that Nature faces all over the World,  the duo will explore and discover just how delicate Nature can be and how best to protect it!

Over the course of their travels, through the clouds from their tree-house abode, our duo discovers a plethora of natural  wonders and the myriad problems they face. To Save OU (and Nature), they will recruit the help of a diverse cast of adorable animals to aspire to find solutions together.

WoY BG sketch


GENRE: Comdey, Action, Adventure

AUDIENCE:  Kids 5 - 7 years old

FORMAT: 52 x 7 minutes, 3D Animation Series

THEME:  Nature, Environmental Awareness

BUDGET: 7 Million USD

WoY BG mountains_edited.jpg





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