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In a village up in the hills, surrounded by a magical forest, there lives TEEWA, a young girl training to become the village doctor. She's learning all about the secrets of the forest to eventually take over as the village doctor, and keep nature in balance. 


As an apprenctice, Teewa will help people who get sick from strange illnesses and will solve problems caused by magical plants. She'll also discover wild and mythical things amongst the woods. But there are villains who want to control the forest, and Teewa has to stop them to protect the special place where she lives.


The Fruit Doctor & The Magic Forest


GENRE: Comdey, Action, Adventure

AUDIENCE:  Kids 6 - 9 years old

FORMAT: 52 x 11 minutes, 2D Animation Series

THEME:  Environment awareness for kids, family time with     toys and apps, focus on fruits

BUDGET: 7 Million USD



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