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Star, a cheerful and happy-go-lucky tree elf, lives in his cozy treetop house breathing the beauty of nature, surrounded by all his animal friends and…his twin sister Rats.


Every morning, Star wakes up gleeful and full of positive energy, ready for anything the day will bring. 

While Rats always seems to have a bad case of the grumps, the word “smile” long since missing from her vocabulary. 


It’s a high-octane siblinghood formed by two polar opposites and fueled by two different takes on EVERY situation.



GENRE: Comdey, Adventure

AUDIENCE:  Kids 6 - 9 years old

FORMAT: 26 x 11 minutes, 3D Animation Series

THEME:  Nature, Siblinghood, Polar Opposites

BUDGET: 8 Million USD

Blue Skies


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