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As the beautiful world of Thorani is covered in a mysterious dark fog that has swept the all the color away from its breathtaking landscapes, it’s up to NORA, who possesses the power of the Rainbow, to make her world beautiful again.


In this thrilling, high speed lane runner, players will discover a vast World of stunning visuals,  help NORA bring colors back to Thorani, catch legendary creatures, and defeat the minions of Mara… the evil darkness!

RR-Antoine version (marty).001 copy.jpeg


GAME TYPE: Lane Runner Action Game

PLATFORM: Mobile (App Store/Google Play)

CORE TARGET: Midcourse Gamers, 12 - 30 years old

USP: Original World & Music, Unique Atmosphere & Art Backgrounds, Relaxing Experience

Lane Runner Type Action Game

Based on popular mechanics like Minion Rush, Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash, etc

Simple, one finger, swipe controls

Avoid obstacles

Pick up random power-ups

Defeat stage bosses

Points collection



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