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Combined Deformation General. Together To Fight it!

Beneath our very feet, in the cracks and crevices of Earth’s forgotten nether regions, live the neglected soldiers who fight against mankind’s daily grind, struggling against their own poor design and terribly translated names… 

A great deal of commercial series animation is created with the express intention of making something that will become popular enough to be sold as a toy, or printed on t-shirts, bed sheets, & flip flops or - the ultimate indicator of success - illegally copied at substandard quality, in absurdly translated English, and sold in cheap markets around the globe.

With League of the Transformable we turn this formula on its head and think outside of the cheaply printed, misspelled box: the toys are already there, let’s make the series! (Legal action pending…)

Whether it is Robot Deformation Heroes, Space Power Warrior, or Combine Android Commander Robots, the treasure chest is bottomless for parody of our own rabid hunger for action hero consumerism. Our team of Entertainment Professionals continually scours the globe for the best of the worst, to bring huge laffs at the poor approximations of beloved global brands.


Bang in Bangkok has enlisted Paris-based stop-motion director Vincent Escrive (Daruma Films) to direct and animate our teaser, and build our universe of web shorts for you to marvel at. Check out the teaser and Vincent's other works.



GENRE: Parody/Humor

AUDIENCE: Teen/Adult

FORMAT: 100 x 3 minutes, Stop Motion

THEME: Terrible Knock-off Toys

BUDGET: 2 million USD

league toys_edited.jpg


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